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PHILANIPPON 2011 – World stamp exhibition

Japan post will organized a World Stamp Exhibitions called “PHILANIPPON 2011” in August 2011. In Japan, World Stamp Exhibition takes place once every ten years, held in 1971, 1981, 1991, and 2001, and will also be held in 2011.

World Stamp Exhibitions are held all over the world every year with aims to develop philately, opening world-renowned stamp collections to the public, and promote stamps of the member countries of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie” (FIP).

The theme of PHILANIPPON ‘11 is “Stamps Link the World”. It will be a rare opportunity for the first time in 10 years in Japan to promote philatelic culture in Japan, publicize Japanese stamps overseas, and nurture cultural exchange and international friendship through stamp collection.

With tie-ups with various companies, we hope both many collectors and ordinary citizens gather, making it a good opportunity to find significance of philatelic culture and create a bright future.

July 28 – Aug 2, 2011
10am to 6pm (3 pm on Aug 2)

Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibition Hall
1-1-1.1 Minatomirai, Nihi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan

12 classes: FIP Championship Class, Traditional Philately, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Maximaphily, Revenue, Thematic Philately, Youth Philately, One-Frame Exhibit, Philatelic Literature

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  1. I want to participate PHILANIPPON 2011.How can i get this opportunity.pleaseinform me through mail.Please give me the requirments to participate the world class philatelic exhibition.

  2. same as Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman i want to participate to PHILANIPPON 2011. but,.how can i get this opportunity?
    please inform through mail.
    thank you

  3. raouf wadie attia

    same as mohamed mahfuzur i want to participate to philanippon 2011 how can i get my opportunity please inform me through mail thanks

  4. Hi friends to get information about philanippon 2011 please visit its official site http://www.philanippon.jp/english, the registration is closed now.

  5. Any latest news on Philanippon 2011 still on or any cancellation due to the earthquake ?

    • It seems that Germany and Austria have cancelled their participation.
      Switzerland will go.

      Does anyone knows more?

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