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Philataipei 2016 Taiwan

PHILATAIPEI 2016 world Stamp championship Exhibition

PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Championship Exhibition to be held from October 21 to 26, 2016 at Taipei, Taiwan.

The World Stamp Championship show (WSC) is the highest level of competition in philately.

Furthermore this is the fourth WSC show taking place in Taipei.

The first World Stamp Championship show was held in Singapore in 2004, the 2nd took place in Israel 2008 and the 3rd at Indonesia 2012.


PHILATAIPEI 2016 world Stamp championship Exhibition is organized by Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation and Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

The show aims to expand and develop friendly relations and close cooperation among FIP members, and to promote every aspect of philately in the FIP region.

World Stamp Championship Exhibition is held at Taipei World Trade Centre, Exhibition Hall 1.

The hall located in the commercial centre of Xinyi district is an excellent place to host large-scale exhibitions.

The showground consists of exhibition area for 2,300 frames of competitive and non-competitive exhibits, and sales booths, information centre, press room and infirmary.

PHILATAIPEI 2016 will have following classes in addition to the World Stamp Championship Class: Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic, Revenue, Youth, Literature, One Frame and Modern Philately.

Themes and Stamps

In addition to Exhibits and dealers booth there will be various thematic stamps issues.

More over there are six stamp issues with different theme for each day.

  • 10/21 Post Day
  • 10/22 Designer’s Day (F.I.P. Day)
  • 10/23 Comics and Animation Day (F.I.A.P. Day)
  • 10/24 Charity Day
  • 10/25 Environment Day
  • 10/26 Formosa Day

# Post Day

Philataipei2016 post day stamps

Philataipei2016 post day stamps MS

# Designer’s Day

Philataipei2016 design stamps

Philataipei2016 design stamps MS

# Comics and Animation Day

Philataipei2016 animation stamps

# Charity Day

Philataipei2016 Charity stamps

# Environment Day

Philataipei2016 Environment protection stamps

# Formosa Day

Philataipei2016 treasure island stamps


The logo features “post” in the ancient seal script, a trademark character in use since Chunghwa Post was first established in 1896, as its design base.

It is framed in a Chinese-style latticed window, giving it a classic accent.

Philataipei 2016 Taiwan

In the background, a white dove leaps out of the diamond-shaped window and spreads its wings, signifying Chunghwa Post’s 120th anniversary, and its future of exciting milestones.

The logo is colored in a lovely mailbox green to set off the “post” character in granny-smith-apple-green.

This artistic arrangement symbolises new bloom and hopefulness.

The logo is surrounded by stamp perforations of varying sizes, suggesting that an extraordinary collection of stamp albums will take the centre stage during PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Championship Exhibition, and there would be a lot to look forward to.

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