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Philately Links

Hello Friends,

I would like to refer you some of the worth visiting philately sites and blogs.
If you have an interesting website or blog related to philately you are most welcome to submit here.


Philately in Belarus
Philatelic Music Study Group
Ask Phil
All about Indian stamps
Ajward Philately
Disney Stamps
Free Stamp Catalouge
Indian Stamp Ghar
Indian Stamps
Latest Stamp News
Lituanica on Stamps
Olympic stamps Information
Reptile stamps
Stamp Center – online guide
Stamp Collecting Links
Stamp Links – philatelic sites
Stampsonweb, the site for stampcollectors
Stamps and information on the United Nations
German Philately website
— Sports Philately Group (AR)
— Thematic Philately
— World Stamp News
— Stamp World on-line stamp Catlog


Philatino Auction
Belgium My Postcard
Veedees Stamps
China Gone with postcards
Ecuador Ecuador Covers
France Marc Philately collection
My philately
Finland Stamp Collection
Greece World Philately
Great Britain Nrovic philately
India My Philately Collection
Aero Philately
Fish Philately Stamp
Lets talk stamps
My Watercraft Philately
Rainbow Stamp Club
Pradip Philately
Setenants of India
Italy Francobolli e Filatelia
Malaysia Andrew Muggle
Butterfly postcards and stamps
Jasmine postcards
Ron Love Stamps
Nederland Chicken Stamp
Pakistan My Cool Cover
Poland Borek Postcard
Portugal worldstampspostmarks
Russia Used Covers
Singapore eD@HoMe Collection
Switzerland Europa-stamps
Taiwan Chang’s Collection
Collecto ROC
UAE My Olympic Philately


  1. Thank you for this very informative and interesting site!

    Here is a link to a German Philately website:

  2. Hi Shrikant, it is nice to know about you.Kindly refer to my blog above.
    thank you
    Kiron Manuel

    P.S in case you cannot see the above…

  3. Thank you for this very informative and interesting site!

    Here is a link to a Belarusan Philately website:

  4. Hi,
    it seems there are no Italian philatelic blogs here, so I’d like to share our website to your readers interested in Italian stamps.

    It’s named Francobolli e Filatelia – Il sito dedicato ai collezionisti and you can visit it following this url:

    Let me know if it’s appreciated.

  5. Dear Friends
    I am MVNS Murthy from Chennai India. I am a Postage Stamps Dealer since 1995. I have launched my new website . Shortly opening newsletter and blog for stamps collecting lover. Please visit. Thanks for your interest in philately

  6. Dear Friends

    Thanks for the interesting links and the opportunity to add my site about the history of Azerbaijan-mail and philately

    Postage Stamps of Azerbaijan Republic
    History of postage stamps of Azerbaijan.Old stamps 1919-1923, stamps of the USSR on the subject of Azerbaijan and New stamps of Azerbaijan from 1992.

    link back added in Philately Links

  7. Would like to add our blog to your link list

  8. Dear Shrikant.
    Maybe this website fits into your link collection

    It is created for bicycle stamps collectors. Main parts are chapter “new entries/issues” and the catalog with its more than 10000 stamps / stationeries – each described by a picture.

    I would be glad if you can add the website to your link list.

    For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

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