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Postage stamps Penny BlackPostage stamps were first introduced in the Great Britain and Ireland in May 1840 as part of the postal reforms promoted by Rowland Hill.

With its introduction the postage fee was now to be paid by the sender and not the recipient as heretofore, though sending mail prepaid was not a requirement.

The first postage stamp, the Penny Black, and two days later, the Two pence blue, with an engraving of the young Queen Victoria, were an immediate success though refinements, like perforations were instituted with later issues.

philatelynews_UKPennyOther countries followed suit by introducing their own postage stamps; the Canton of Zürich in Switzerland issued the Zurich 4 and 6 rappen and Brazil issued the Bull’s Eyes stamps in the 1843.

In 1845 some postmasters in the USA issued their own stamps but the first officially issued stamps came in 1847.

A few other countries issued stamps in the late 1840s, but many more started in the 1850s and by the 1860s most countries of the world had issued postage stamps.

  • What makes Philately a special hobby?

Philately is a delightful hobby that sharpens and satisfies your aesthetic tastes.

While expanding your knowledge of and interaction with the world you live in, you get to know interesting details of politics, history , prominent personalities, national and international events, geography, flora and fauna, agriculture, science, monuments, soldiers, warriors, scientists, arms and ammunition, modes of transport etc.

This process of learning becomes more delightful through visuals and brief write-ups. In addition, philately cultivates a meticulous and focused attention to detail. It also helps you to make friends across boundaries and age limits.

philatelynews_latvia Postage stamps India philatelynews_animal

The coining of the word philately in its French form has been circumstantially attributed to Georges Herpin.

It is formed from the Greek words philos (friend) and ateleia (exempt from charge, or “franked”).

A specialty of stamp collecting is that this hobby is the most democratic of all the hobbies.

Nation, language, age, sex & color do not constitute any barrier to stamp collecting.

Stamp collectors all over the world feel a sort of brother hood towards each other.

Stamp collectors of a country do not feel any animosity towards those countries with which their country is not on good terms.

It is believed that stamp-collecting hobby has started since 1841. King George V, Duke of Windsor, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, King Carol of Rumania, King Farouk of Egypt,President Roosevelt, Maharaja Jiyaji Rao of Sindhia of Gwalior, Nawab of Bhawalpur, General K.M.Cariyappa, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi etc. were some of the great & enthusiastic stamp collectors.

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