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Popular Festivity – Spain

popular festives SpainSpanish post issued a stamp to celebrate the 425th anniversary of Fiesta de Sant Sebastià en El Pont de Suert.
The origins of the Fiesta de Sant Sebastià en El Pont de Suert, which celebrates its 425th anniversary, the Cofradía (brotherhood) of the same name, although established in 1503, was not formalized until 1586. This festival, held during the 19, 20 and 21 January, consists of religious and civil acts referred to in the founding text and bylaws of the brotherhood listed in the Llibre Vell of the Cofradía.
Its regulations maintain the spirit of devotion and worship to Saint Sebastià, the brotherhood between the members of the association, the aid of the needy, care of the sick and attendance to funerals.

The festivity begins the evening of 19th with the Vigil Mass of Saint Sebastià followed by the dinner held at the headquarters of the brotherhood.

On the 20th, after breakfast, takes place the Mass of Solemnity, and then the procession of the Saint in the streets. After the religious ceremony, there’s a lunch for the brethren and during the course of it, a partridge is given to Father Preacher. In the evening, before dinner, the rosary is said and the adoration of the relic of St. Sebastià takes place. On the 21st, after breakfast, a Mass is held in memory of the brothers who have died in the course of the year followed by a lunch in which the new priors that will be responsible for organizing the festivity next year are elected.

On October 19th 2010, the Government of Catalonia declared the feast as a Traditional Festivity of National Interest. The stamp depicts a passage of the founding act and in the foreground a hand with a red apple, symbolizing a hand over to the new priors.

Title: Popular Festivity – Spain
Date of Issue: 20 January 2011
Country: Spain
Denominations: 0,35 €

Source: www.correos.es

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