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Qing Dynasty Embroidery

Qing Dynasty Embroidery

Taiwan post issued a set of five stamps and a souvenir sheet on a Qing dynasty Embroidery lateral curtain with flower and bird embroidery from the National Museum of History’s collection.

Traditionally, lateral curtains were mostly used to decorate the central hall of a house for a wedding or other celebratory occasion. This red silk lateral curtain, stretches nearly five meters long, features meticulously stitched embroidered flowers, birds, grass, trees, clouds and rocks that simply burst with color.

The overall effect is sumptuous and elegant. One of the greatest embroidered works of art of the Qing Dynasty, the curtain, with its glorious and colorful vista of blooming flowers and songbirds, signals that all is flourishing. This set of stamps features the most prominent sections of the embroidery.

The five stamps of Qing Dynasty Embroidery feature the following: (1) peacocks and scholar’s rocks ; (2) a snow crane, a bat, mynahs and reishi mushrooms; (3) a snow crane, a pine tree and orchids; (4) paradise flycatchers, plum blossoms, bamboo, and magnolia flowers; (5) a pair of Mandarin ducks, a kingfisher and lotus flowers.

The souvenir sheet includes a single featuring a spectacular peacock, yuhinas, peonies and scholar’s rocks. The sheet selvage features a snow crane, mandarin ducks, butterflies and plum blossoms. To highlight the exquisite beauty of the piece, the souvenir sheet is printed on silk paper plus partly embossed and hot stamped with gold foil.

Qing Dynasty Embroidery

Title: Qing Dynasty Embroidery
Date of Issue: 20 March 2013
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$10 x 5

Source: http://www.post.gov.tw


  1. Qing Dynasty embroideries are what dreams are made of. If one cannot own the embroidery, the next big thing is to get the stamps. Can you tell us how to purchase them.? The peacocks,kingfishers,cranes and lotuses are the joy of every Indian. It is not only the originals but the stamps which enchant us.Tiwan Post should open an Indian Office, I can participate.

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