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Queen’s Baton relay special covers – Part 2

Commonwealth games are coming near and Queen’s Baton is moving fast towards Delhi crossing various states of India. Today I will present some more special covers issued by postal department in various cities across India.

Special cover issued at Dehradun

Special cover issued at Lucknow

Special cover issued at Patna

Special cover issued at Gantok

Special cover issued at Guwahati

Special cover issued at Shilong

Special cover issued at Itanagar


  1. Very interesting and interactive site. Keep it going.
    Tell us more about other countries issuing CWG stamps, only Guernsey has released its programme for stamps,.
    A Special Cover was denied release in Panjab by India Post, even though the battle of Chappar Chiri, was fought in 1710 in Panjab. It had to be released in Pune 1200 kms away, in the state of Maharashtra. Read about it in

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