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Queen’s Baton relay special covers – Part 4

Queen’s Baton is almost about to complete it’s Journey to Commonwealth Stadium, New Delhi where the opening ceremony is to be held. It will reach Delhi on 30 September and will remain there till the opening ceremony on 3 October 2010. Today I will present some more special covers issued during Queen’s Baton relay.
Special cover issued at Raipur

Special cover issued at Hyderabad

Special cover issued at Chennai

Special cover issued at Pondicherry

Special cover issued at Thiruvanantapuram

Special cover issued at Lakshadweep – Kavaratti

Special cover issued at Bangalore


  1. I think postage stamp when viewed as an art form strictly falls in the realms of Micro-Miniature variety. An artist should try to express his art within the given space. This trend of issuing bigger and bigger miniature sheets defies logic to me.I take it as a failure for a miniature artist trying to become a wall-poster artist. Most of the times failing in both forms.

    • you are absolutely right, the miniature sheets issued now a days are in no meaning miniature, some are such a large that it becomes hard to collect and store.
      Even we can not fix them on FDC also.

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