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Regional product of Poland - Korycinski Cheese

Regional product of Poland – Korycinski Cheese

Poland post issued a postage stamp featuring one of the Regional product of Poland – Cheese. The stamp shows the regional home made Korycinski cheese.

Korycinski is a hard yellow cheese made from cow’s milk, named after the town of Korycin in Poland and considered to be the oldest polish yellow cheese.

Regional product of Poland – Korycinski Cheese

Korycinski cheeses are maturing cheeses, produced from unpasteurized cow’s milk with the addition of rennet and salt.

The people of Korycin learned to make cheese from the Swiss troops who came to Poland during the Swedish invasion.

The cheese is made from fresh milk by first heating, then seasoning to taste mostly salt or variations are produced with additives of spices and herbs and garlic then an additional pinch of powder.

Followed by quick decapitation of milk and whey separation. The cheese is formed in a flattened sphere with a diameter of about thirty centimetres and a weight of about 3 kg. To produce such a quantity of cheese takes about 25 liters of milk.

Traditionally, it is transferred into wooden forms and laid on threshed with a flail rye straw in the basement, where he matured even many weeks.

Regional product of Poland - Korycinski Cheese

Korycinski cheese ripening has several stages:

Stage 1: Cream cheese, a sophisticated to 5 days – a soft, damp from the whey, tactile so-called “creak” while eating. White or slightly creamy.

Stage 2: Natural cheese, from 5 days to 3 weeks – compact, slightly salty, with no visible leaks whey. Color from white to cream.

Stage 3: Ripened cheese, from 3 weeks – the outside light yellowish to dark. In the middle of a cream color. Determined no leaks whey. Compact, but spongy.

Korycinski Cheese was registered on the List of Traditional Products Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 19.09.2005 and also it was registered by the European Commission as a Protected Geographical Indication in 10.08.2012.

Title: Regional product of Poland – Cheese
Date of Issue: 17 July 2015
Country: Poland
Denominations: 5 zl

Source: Poland Post

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