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Republic of Estonia heads of state – Jüri Jaakson

16 Jan. 1870 Viljandi Parish, Estonia 20 April 1942 Sverldovsk Region, Russia State Elder 16 Dec. 1924 – 15 Dec. 1925 1918-20 Justice Minister, 1926-1940 Bank of Estonia President. 1917-18 member and First Deputy Chairman of the Provisional Maapäev (Diet), 1919-20 member of Constituent Assembly, 1920-32 member of the 1st to 4th memberships of Riigikogu (parliament), 1937 member of National Assembly, 1938-40 member of State Council. 1917 assistant to Estland Provincial Commissar, 1918 Chief Commissary of Provisional Government. 1935-1938 member of State Economic Council.

Leader or member of leadership of several societies: Viljandi Farmers’ Society, Koit Society, Estonian Imanta Society in Riga, Board of Trustees of the Estonian Alexander School, Tallinn Economic Society, North-Estonian Central Farmers’ Society etc. In 1936 established a foundation at Treffner Gymnasium (secondary school). Cross of Liberty III/1. Arrested by NKVD on 14 June 1941 in Tallinn, sent to Sevurallag prison camp in disabled condition, executed in Stupino, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.

Title: Republic of Estonia heads of state – Jüri Jaakson
Date of Issue: 15 January 2010
Country: Estonia
Denominations: € 0.35

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