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Reykjavik‘s First Gas Lighting

Island post issued a postage stamp to celebrate the 100 years of First Gas Lightning. The first kerosene lamps were imported to Iceland in 1860.

Half a century later the Reykjavík Gas Works started operating. This amounted to a revolution in Iceland‘s struggle against darkness and many people had gas lights installed in their homes. The Reykjavík Gas Works operated from 1910 to 1956 and produced gas for cooking and lighting from imported coal.

When gas had been extracted from the coal by heating the coke residue was sold and used for burning and heating. After the Reykjavík Electric Company was established in 1921 gas was used almost exclusively for cooking.

Title: Reykjavik‘s First Gas Lighting
Date of Issue: 16 September 2010
Country: Island
Denominations: 450 ISK

Source: www.postur.is

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am interested to read and see photos from the construction and first years of the gas power plant in Reykjavik built in 1910. Do I find anything on this topic in the book Reykjavik’s First Gas Lighting? If so, How can I order the book and have it sent to me in Norway?
    Yours faithfylly,
    Hege Johansen

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