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Roadside Attractions 2010

Canada post issued a set of four postage stamps showcasing the roadside attractions of the east-bound journey down the TransCanada Highway.

Case in point: Davidson, SK, where visitors are always greeted with a big (and we mean big) Coffee Pot. A tribute to the town’s hospitality, it’s believed that this 7.3 metre-tall landmark has the capacity to fill nearly 150,000 cups of coffee. And then there’s Gladstone, Manitoba’s town mascot, the Happy Rock. You just can’t help but smile back at this jolly black-and-white rock decked in top hat and boots, grinning ear-to-ear as he welcomes visitors to the town.

It isn’t long before we’re in Ontario, cruising through lush Algoma Country—a nature lover’s paradise. Just outside of Wawa, Ojibwe for “wild goose,” the giant steel Wawa Goose stands poised for flight, alerting visitors that the town is a stopover for flocks of Canada Geese headed south for the winter. We continue east into Quebec, taking in the breathtaking scenery of the province’s Côte-Nord region, when we come upon another town that finds pride in the winged creatures that frequent it: Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan. This time we’re greeted by a giant Atlantic Puffin—a tribute to the charismatic seabirds that live in colonies around the town’s shores.

Title: Roadside Attractions 2010
Date of Issue: 5 July 2010
Country: Canada
Denominations: PERMANENT™ domestic rate x 4

Source: www.canadapost.ca

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