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Royal weddings – Australia

Royal weddings - Australia
Royal weddings are usually very grand affairs orchestrated amid great pomp and ceremony, and, since Princess Margaret’s wedding to the Earl of Snowden in 1960, watched on television by millions of viewers worldwide.

The expected viewing audience for the royal wedding of HRH Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton is expected to exceed recorded viewing numbers for earlier royal weddings.

Westminster Abbey, featured on the mini sheet of this official stamp issue, has been the traditional venue for royal weddings since Prince Williams great-grandfather, the then Duke of York, married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the late Queen Mother, there in 1923. The next royal wedding to be held in the Abbey was that of his grandmother, the then Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, to Prince Philip in 1947.

The last royal marriage to take place in Westminster Abbey was that of Prince William¹s uncle, Prince Andrew, who became the Duke of York upon his marriage in 1986. Prince William was a page boy on the occasion.
Royal weddings - Australia ss
Title: Royal weddings – Australia
Date of Issue: 12 April 2011
Country: Australia
Denominations: 60c, $2.25

Source: www.auspost.com.au


  1. Greetings from Singapore, I’m actually a fan of the late Princess Diana and Prince William, her grown up older son who married his long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London yesterday, I watched the telecast of the royal wedding on Singapore TV channnel, Channel 5 from 3 p.m. till 8 something p.m. and I’m thinking of getting the royal wedding stamps.. 🙂 Hope 2 hear more from u as soon as possible and please reply back 2 my enquiry soon, thanks!! ^^

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