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Russia Regions

Russia Regions
Russia post issued three postage stamps dedicated to the Tambov, Tyumen and Novgorod Regions in continuation of the series Russia Regions.
The stamps depicts:
1) monument to a peasant of Tambov in the city of Tambov, Nikiforovsky Sugar Plant, apple breeds of the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture named after. I. V. Michurin and river Tsna

2) Tobolsk Kremlin, tundra and oil pumping units in the Tyumen Region;

3) the main dome of St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, Lake Ilmen and Novgorod Museum of wooden architecture “Vitoslavlitsy”.

Title: Russia Regions
Date of Issue: 30 March 2011
Country: Russia
Denominations: 11.80 rub x 3

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