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Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015

Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015

Korea post issued a postage stamp to commemorate the Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015 scheduled to be held at Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park from August 21 to October 18, 2015.

The theme for the Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015 is Eurasia Culture Express Train.

The stamp depicts the “Journey on the Silk Road” in the hope that the Expo will give visitors excitement that transcends time and space, and help them understand the world and look into the future with the knowledge of culture.

Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015

The Silk Road was the great ancient route connecting the East and the West, and some 40 countries including the Silk Road Countries, such as China, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Turkey, and the sister cities of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Gyeongju city will be coming to Korea to participate in the Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015.

The Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015 will bring together the cultures of Korea and Eurasia through over 20 specialized cultural programs in three areas.

Meeting of Civilizations
Visitors will learn about the histories and cultures of the participating countries through various performances and things to see. There will be the Silk Road Grand Bazaar, where each street will feature a participating country’s traditional tea and cuisine, craftworks, and folk performances.

The Silk Road Odyssey will present the history and culture of the Silk Road. The performance “Silla” (titled “BaSilla” in Korean) will inspire audience with a grand epic poem of Persian and Silla heroes fifteen hundred years ago as they came together over the sea.

The Golden State of Silla
The programs and activities here will highlight the art and culture of Silla, widely remembered for its glorious civilization of golden sculptures and adornments.

The special exhibition, “Silla: Korea’s Golden Kingdom,” will feature more than 640 golden relics, including Bodhisattva in Pensive Pose (National Treasure No. 83), and arrange them according to different stages of Silla art.

Visitors can also enjoy some unique programs that combine historical elements and state-of-the-art technology. Among these programs will be “Silk Road, the Festival of Lights” and “Seokguram HMD (head mounted display) travel experience.”

Venue of Mingling
Here will be the performances of traditional musical instruments of the Silk Road countries, and also the special art performance, “Flying: Hwarang Expedition,” which features actions of the Hwarang during the Silla period, and the “Korea in Motion Festival,” showcasing unique elements of Korea’s performing art.

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Title: Silk Road Cultural Festival Gyeongju 2015
Date of Issue: 10 July 2015
Country: South Korea
Denominations: KRW 300

Source: Korean Post

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