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Slutsk Sashes

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue a souvenir sheet “Slutsk sashes”.

Slutsk sashes are articles of Belarus manufactory weaving of the second half of 18th — the beginning of 19th centuries. They were called according to the place of origin — Slutsk town. There at the beginning of 1760-ies Prince M. K. Radziwill nicknamed “Rybonjka” (pet name of fish) organised the manufacture of sashes that were items of dress of magnates and gentry of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Slutsk sashes comprised a 2 — to 4,5-meter-long strip of fabric covered with varied designs, around 40 cm wide.

Luxurious sashes were made with silk, gold and silver. Depending on the sash’s width, it might be folded a number of ways so as to reveal various designs on various occasions. Slutsk sashes had two different colour patterns on each side. From the second half of 19th century Slutsk sashes were collected as masterpieces of designed weaving.

Stamp Description
– Iosif Zhagel. 18th century
– Nesvizh. Slutsk gate
– Slutsk sash. 18th century

Title: Slutsk Sashes
Date of Issue: 26 March 2010
Country: Belarus
Denominations: 1000 BYR x 3

Source: www.belpost.by

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