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Spain Football WorldCup 2010 Champion

Football WorldCup 2010
The Spanish football team has won, for the first time in history, the Football WorldCup 2010.

Spain post issued a souvenir sheet depicting a snapshot of the winning team and the coveted trophy.

Spain Football WorldCup 2010 Champion

After a long month of competition, the 19th edition of the FIFA 2010 Football WorldCup at South Africa closed its doors on 11 July, with the triumph of the Spanish team against the Netherlands.

Both teams played the final match at the Johannesburg Stadium where, in the second half of the extra-time, the Spanish team beat the Netherlands 1-0 and is now part of the annals of the history of world sport.

The success of the Spanish team has become one of the most widespread news by the international media and the final match was watched by millions of spectators around the world.

The Spanish team wears the star of the world champions which has become a symbol of identity placing Spanish football at the highest level.

Title: Spain Football WorldCup 2010 Champion
Date of Issue: 21 October 2010
Country: Spain
Denominations: 2 €

Source: Spanish Post

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