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Spar buoys

Aland post will issue a stamp of buoys. Allan Palmer is the artist for the new as well as for the previous motif on the theme spar buoys.

In 2009, the labels depicted the old system of spar buoys, or sea marks as they are also called. In 2010, the internationally used system A will be featured. A system B, in which certain details are reversed compared to buoyage system A, also exists and is used by the USA and Australia, among others.

The postal label shows cardinal buoys (painted in horizontal yellow and black stripes) as well as lateral buoys indicating starboard hand (green) and port hand (red).

“The buoys illustrated on the labels have top marks. In reality, top marks are optional and not commonly used this far north, since the ice is likely to destroy them. Instead, the top marks are removed, a fact which sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish the buoys in hard weather or difficult light conditions”, the artist Allan Palmer explains.

Title: Spar buoys
Date of Issue: 1 March 2010
Country: Aland
Denominations: 0,75 EUR

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