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Special Occasions 2013 - Australia

Special Occasions 2013 – Australia

Australia post issued a set of six stamps to mark the special occasions of 2013. This new stamp issue is designed to update the range of stamp design called for by social mail users.

The Love stamp, with its single exquisite rose petal, could be used for a number of special occasions such as St Valentine’s Day, special birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day to name just a few.

The beautiful green orchid stamp is designed for multipurpose use – appropriate for everyday letters, cards and invitations, significant anniversaries and also messages of “get well” and condolence.

The wedding-themed stamp design lends itself to a number of different wedding styles and themes, as well as engagements and significant anniversaries or celebrations.

Australia and globe (available in two colour schemes) and the sprig of eucalyptus leaves are designs that are suitable for everyday use, business or corporate mail.

The eucalyptus leaves especially identifies with Australia’s love of the bush, and our flora and fauna.

Special Occasions 2013 - Australia

Title: Special Occasions 2013 – Australia
Date of Issue: 5 February 2013
Country: Australia
Denominations: 5 x 60c, $1.20

Source: http://shop.auspost.com.au

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