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Special Occasions stamps from Australia

Dress up your mail with Special Occasions stamps from Australia

We all love to celebrate, and thus the Australia post came up with Special Occasions stamps to enjoy throughout the year.

It’s time to express your love through stamps ranging from a contemporary graphic approach to a more restrained traditional design.

The special Occasions stamps are relevant to diverse occasions, such as an engagement, anniversary, a wedding, birth, birthday or graduation.

The designs are also suitable for postage relating to more general occasions or for sending a simple message of affection.

You can double up your joy of Celebration with the Personalised Stamps service of Australia post, you can make your mark by featuring your own photograph in the stamp tab.

The Australia, gum and wattle designs can also be used in souvenir stamp sheets, popular with commercial, sporting and other organisations celebrating a notable event.

Celebration with Special Occasions stamps from Australia

An occasion as very special memories of our life and sending a printed invitation makes it even more special. A printed invitation instantly elevates your event to something special and meaningful.

Designing and sending the personal invitation cards is the very first step in the celebration.

The Love to Celebrate stamps are the latest in the Special Occasions stamp series presenting ten stamp designs to cater for a range of specific occasions as well as general events.

The $1 Australia, $1 gum sprig and $1 stylised wattle are perfect for any general occasion, from an Australia Day barbecue through to a corporate event.

The $1 birthday cake and $1 balloons stamps are clearly aimed at birthdays, and the $1 handprints design is perfect for baby showers, christening, children’s birthday parties and more.

The $1 red-rose heart is ideal for Valentine’s Day or ‘just because’, and the $1 white roses and $1 champagne glasses are, of course, aimed at engagements, weddings and milestone birthdays. The $2 wedding rings stamp is for over-sized letters, making it perfect for larger wedding invitations.

Special Occasions stamps from Australia

Title: Special Occasions stamps from Australia
Date of Issue: 25 January 2016
Country: Australia
Denominations: $1 x 9, $2

Source: Australia Post

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