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Special Occasions stamps

Australia Post issued a set of ten postage stamps which can be used on some special occasions.

For just over a decade Australia Post has regularly released its popular Special Occasions stamp series, the purpose of which is to provide postage stamps for mail relating to specific events and celebrations. Some of the designs in this year’s issue are occasion-specific, such as those marking a wedding or the birth of a baby; others, such as the tulip and the balloon designs, can be used for a broader range of occasions. While some stamps are best suited for personal occasions, others, such as the Southern Cross and the wattle stamps, have been designed with the needs of community and business organizations in mind.

Title: Special Occasions stamps
Date of Issue: 19 July 2010
Country: Australia
Denominations: 9 x 60c, 1 x $1.20

Source: www.stamps.com.au


  1. Showcasing India
    Displays on song and dance, Indian cuisine, handicrafts and textiles, ethnic designs and our history have all been highlighted in the CWG. If there is one aspect of India which says it all in stamp size it is the Indian postage stamp.This smallest and most expressive way of showcasing India has been overlooked in all the glitz of CWG. Commonwealth countries along with India are bringing out philatelic material on the games. More information can be had from Surindar at 011- 26510200 (Delhi) or 9810113600.Email to stampsingh@yahoo.co.in or philatelistsworldwide@yahoo.com.
    CD Singh

  2. Thank you. What a wonderful idea & it also sells! Will India Post consider these stamps for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bon Voyage, Congratulations, New Year…
    C D Singh

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