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world philosophy day stamp Aristotle 2016

Special stamp celebrating World Philosophy Day

On the occasion of World Philosophy day, Croatian Post Mostar issued a special stamp celebrating birth anniversary of Greek philosopher Aristotle.

The commemorative postage stamp is issued in a sheet of 8 stamps.

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day is celebrated every third Thursday in November.

Introduced by UNESCO in 2002 with the goal to familiarise the public with philosophy in the modern world.

Earlier various philosophical schools were known, with the common feature being that they had left future generations permanent examples of human values.

Philosophers and philosophical institutions even today have the task of thinking critically, independently and creatively and contribute in making the world a better place.

world philosophy day stamp Aristotle 2016

This year we are celebrating the 2400th birth anniversary of the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle.

He was born in 384 BC in the Macedonian city of Stagira, Chalkidice and died in 322 BC in Chalcis.

As a young man he entered Plato’s Academy where he stayed up to Plato’s death.

Thereafter, he was invited by Philip II of Macedon to his court to become a tutor to his son Alexander Macedon.

After returning to Athens, he establishes his own Peripatetic school, one of the most influential schools in ancient Greece

His main areas of work were books about Logic, biological-scientific work, metaphysics, ethic records, books about aesthetics and esoteric records.

world philosophy day stamp Aristotle 2016

Title: World Philosophy Day
Date of Issue: 17 November 2016
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denominations: 0.90 BAM

Source: Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar

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