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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day - IrelandAn Post issued a stamp to commemorate St Patrick’s Day; the feast of our national saint.

The stamp is based on a stone carving of St Patrick at the entrance to the spire of the chapel at St Patrick’s College Maynooth, which was founded in 1795 but due to a lack of funding the chapel was not built until 1891. The architect was J.J. McCarthy, Professor of Architecture of the Catholic University.

The college was founded as a seminary for the education of priests as prior to this it had not been possible to educate Catholic priests in Ireland. In 1795 a petition to Parliament was successful and ‘An Act for the better education of persons professing the Popish or Roman Catholic religion’ was passed, and a modest grant was provided to establish a college. Over 11,000 priests have been ordained from St Patrick’s College, and they have served in every parish in Ireland and throughout the world.

Title: St. Patrick’s Day
Date of Issue: 17 February, 2011
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 82c

Source: www.irishstamps.ie

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  1. want to collect postages stamps honoring st patrick

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