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Stampmania 2009: Special covers

Stampmania 2009: Special covers

All philately exhibitions brings special covers, booklets and other postal stationary with them.

Any philately exhibition is incomplete without special issues.

During Stampmania 2009 a souvenir, a carried cover and four special covers, one for each day, were issued.

A souvenir was released containing messages from President of India, Chief minister of Gujarat, Chief postmaster General of Gujarat as well as some great articles by various philatelists.

Vadodara also have two permanent pictorial cancellation – Chamar Dharani (H.O) and Maharaja Sayajirao (Fategunj) which were made available at exhibition venue.

Stampmania 2009: Special covers

1.  Carried cover
The cover was carried by a Guard on replica of Bullock Tram from Vadodara H.O to industrial Estate P.O and delivered at Stampmania 2009 Exhibition.

A narrow guage railway line was started by Maharaja Khanderao from Dabhoi to Miyagam in February 1862. Oxen were used to pull the tram, thus it is called bullock tram.

Dabhoi-Miyagam railway line is the world’s oldest working narrow guage line.

Stampmania 2009: Special covers
Stampmania 2009: Cancellation
Stampmania 2009: Special covers

2.  Frontier Mail – 17.12.2009
The Frontier Mail, flagged off on 1st September 1928, from Colaba Terminus, was the first luxurious and prestigious train in the Indian subcontinent. The radio facility was provided fro the first time in a running train and it was also the first fastest train of India. Today also it is running between Mumbai and Amritsar with a names as “Golden Temple Mail”.
Stampmania 2009: Special covers
Stampmania 2009: Special covers
Stampmania 2009: Special covers
3.  Balasinor – 18.12.2009

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil park at Raiyoli in Gujarat is one of the third largest Dinosaur sites in the world. This site may have been a major breeding ground for dinosaurs as many eggs are found here. The park hs been home to seven different types of dinosaurs.

Stampmania 2009: Special covers
Stampmania 2009: Special covers
Stampmania 2009: Special covers

4.  Save energy – 19.12.2009
Thomas Alva Edison made the first public demonstration of his incandescent light bulb on December 31, 1879, in Menlo Park.He said “we will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles”. Today we are on the verge on extinction of energy fuels and only way to survive is to save energy.

5.  Jasu Patel – 20.12.2009
Jasubhai Patel was an off-spinner who played test cricket for India. He will always be remembered as teh first player who bowled India to their first-ever victory over Australia in the second test at the Green Park, Kanpur in 1959 where he tool 14 wickets. He  was honored with Padmashree in 1960.

6. Permanent Pictorial Cancellations


  1. Very good presentation of news. Congrats

  2. Recently I attended Stamp Mania 2009 show as a Dealer and I found this is one of the worst show, some of the Office Bearers of the Orgnisation Committee were most ADAMANT IN BEHAVIOUR, MOST RUDE and most ARROGANT.

    I had never seen such worst show, many entries were not mounted till close of the show, no proper arrangements for return of the entries after close of the show, on last day after close of the show there was chaos and total mismanagement at the gate of the hall from where entries were to be reurned and organisors posted there were so abusive and rough that the matter had gone to the extent of physical fighting!!! Chairman of the show was missing who is supposed to handle this type of situation !!! Everything was bad right from the start of the show, organisors were totally unfit and inexperienced to organise and handle such show, not only that, they did not wanted to listen to any one who had experience in this field, they wanted to act as per their whims!!! It is like Hitler rule !!!!! All ( Dealers, exhibitors, visitors had cursed them ) have decided to boycott future shows of this people.

    Till to day many exhibitors have complaint that their entries are not returned!! The trophy given to exhibitors are all Rubbish and Foot path type material !!! I think when they did not had experience they should have avoided organising such show and spoil the name.


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