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Dogs used by hunters in Aland

Stamps featuring Dogs used by hunters in Aland

Aland post issued stamps featuring the species of dogs used by hunters in Aland. The dog species featured on stamps are Finnish Hound, Grey Norwegian Elkhound and Wire-haired Dachshund.

Hunting is a popular leisure-time activity in Aland.

The number of hunters in Aland is one of the highest in Europe with some 12 % of the Aland population obtaining a hunting licence every year.

The most common type of game is roe deer, but also elk, hare, deer, European pine marten and fox may be hunted all year round or during parts of the year.

Dogs used by hunters in Aland

The Finnish Hound is a distinct hunting dog which is still most common in Finland. It is a dog that pursues the quarry with passionate barking.

It is bred in Finland since the end of the 1800s for hunting fox and hare.

The Grey Norwegian Elkhound’s object in the hunt is to hold the elk at bay – jumping in and out toward the elk, distracting its attention while signalling to the hunters by barking very loudly – until the hunter can arrive to shoot it. This type of dog is mainly used for hunting elk.

The Wire-haired Dachshund is a versatile hunting dog used to scent, chase and flush out small game and roe deer. This species of dog is also often used when searching wounded game.

Dogs used by hunters in Aland

Title: Dogs used by hunters in Aland
Date of Issue: 3 September 2015
Country: Aland
Denominations: Inrikes x 3

Source: Aland Post

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