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Statehood Day

statehood dayTwenty years have elapsed from June 25th, 1991 when Croatian Parliament brought the decision on the dissociation of Croatia from other republics of Yugoslav federation. In order too commemorate this historic date, when Croatia after nine centuries returned to its own self, Croatian Post issues a commemorative stamp with label. The author of the stamp is designer Dean Roksandi and the motif is the one of identity and identification: coat of arms and flag. In fervour of newly gained liberty Croatian historic symbols have been redesigned to politic purposes.

The tricolour flag and the checkerboard pattern, that by their elementarity straightway denote a noble heraldic antiquity, have become talkative – a tricolour got sealed with the coat of arms in order to become different from its European kin, a checkerboard pattern got crowned with regional symbols in order to affirm the theses of regionalisms. Regardless of the fact that no consensus has been reached on the artistic result of that redesign the coat of arms and the flag are symbols of existence and pride, they do honour and are meant to honour.

The designer Dean Roksandi framed them from „inside“, making their own extent infinite. At the same time he turned the direction of surface into depth, incorporating wind, swaying, dynamics and the thought of freedom. State, homeland, original homeland, our fathers and grandfathers’ land, our country, our native land: all these words in their inner or wider sense refer to that same piece of land under our feet, to the geography that changed through times, but there where its contours merge with the soul, has always remained the same.

Title: Statehood Day
Date of Issue: 24 June 2011
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 3,1 kn

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