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Like all his famous American predecessors, Superjhemp is in day-to-day life a mild-mannered father of a family with all that entails. His family name is Kuddel (his spouse is evidently called Fleck) and he is employed at the “Ministère fir Ongeleiste Problemer” (M.O.P.).

But as soon as his contemporaries are faced with unofficial problems which exceed their capabilities, our short gentleman jumps into his blue-white-red superhero uniform and, just like that, the story begins.

Superjhemp is a caricature of American superheros from the 1930s, but with stories that relate to our area. In the adventures of Superjhemp there is first the characters: inspector Schrobiltgen, police chief Harespel, Joffer Lamesch, the dog Bernie, etc… And then, on a second level, the reader takes on the role of sleuth… it is for him to discover on each page the hidden details, the puns, the word games, the caricatures of well-known celebrities, the references to other comic strips. Superjhemp is the humorous work of scenarist Lucien Czuga, who uses current spoken Luxembourgeois as well as the work of famous Luxembourg illustrator Roger Leiner. You can admire his characters almost everywhere in advertising, illustrations, cartoons, brochures created by various ministries, schoolbooks, etc.

Title: Superjhemp
Date of Issue: 16 June 2010
Country: Luxembourg
Denominations: 2,50 € (5 self-adhesive ‘A’ postage stamps)

Source: www.pt.lu

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