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100 Years of Aviation – Singapore

100 Years of Aviation - Singapore2011 marks a centennial of aviation in Singapore. Singapore saw her first aircraft, piloted by Mr Joseph Christiaens, take off from the racecourse in Farrer Park on 16 March 1911 and that marked the start of aviation in Singapore. Eight years later, on 4 December 1919 about 4:48pm, a pioneering flight from England to Australia, piloted by Captain (later Sir) Ross MacPherson Smith, with Lieutenant (later Sir) Keith MacPherson Smith as navigator, Sergeant Bennet and Sergeant Shiers, on a modified Vicker-Vimy biplane, landed on the racecourse in Farrer Park. From then, the development of our aviation industry never looked back.

60 years Bulgarian Military Jet Aviation

Bulgarian post issued a set of stamps to mark the 60 years of Bulgarian Military Jet Aviation.

Aviation Centenaries – Gibraltar

Gibraltar post issued a set of stamps featuring the 100th Anniversary of Seaplanes depicting Henri Fabre flying Le Canard on 28th March 1910 making it the first seaplane to take off from water; the Supermarine S.6B: Schneider Trophy winner in 1931, the first aircraft to break the 400 mph barrier; the Short Sunderland from 204 Squadron, Gibraltar in 1941 and the Saunders-ROE Princess from 1952.