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Year of the Dragon – Canada

Year of the Dragon - Canada

Thinking of dragons may conjure up fire-breathing, serpent-like beasts of fantastic legends, but in many Asian cultures, these magical, mythical creatures are benevolent, associated with wisdom and longevity. They are revered for their influence over the primal forces of nature; …

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Christmas 2011 – Stained Glass – Canada

Canada post issued set of three stamps for Christmas 2011 featuring scenes from the magnificent stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Saint Mary. The art of creating coloured glass is ancient, and was originally practiced by both the Egyptians …

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Mental Health 2011

The 2011 Mental Health stamp is the fourth annual semi-postal issued in support of the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. Collectively, stamps issued in the past three years have raised close to a million dollars, via a dollar from …

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Canadian Innovations 2011

Canada post issued a set of stamps that spotlight on the “Made in Canada” leaps of science and creativity that have changed lives at home and abroad. Canadians are an inventive bunch. In fact, Canadian inventors have patented more than …

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Zodiac: Cancer, the crab

Our ancestors had to look closely to find this constellation they named for the crab—it’s very small and faint, with few stars. Even the brightest among them are relatively dim in comparison to other stars—so much so that Cancer has …

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Architecture: Art Deco

Emerging in France between the two world wars, Art Deco was a creative response to the dull austerity of the First World War that permeated the design of furniture, household goods and textiles. Still, the movement made its most lasting …

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Methods of Mail Delivery – Canada

Canada post issued a se-tenant stamp depicting two of the more unusual methods of mail delivery. In the winter of 1910, a snapped telegraphic cable severed communications between the people the Magdalen Islands north of Cape Breton and the mainland. …

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