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Europa 2015 – Norway

Europa 2015 - Norway

Norway post issued two stamps featuring Anne dolls and Tomte toy cars under Europa 2015 with theme of Old toys. Girls growing up in the 1950s and 1960s dreamed about the Anne doll. I remember that my mother won an …

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Europa 2015 – Luxembourg

Europa 2015 - Luxembourg

Luxembourg post issued a series of postage stamps featuring the toys of yesteryear under EUROPA 2015 theme old toys, together with the ‘A Possen’ Museum in Bech-Kleinmacher where the doll’s house furniture and the building box are now on display. …

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Europa 2015 – Greenland

Europa 2015 - Greenland

Greenland issued two EUROPA stamps under EUROPA 2015 themed “Old Toys”. The stamps features ‘Pulaartut’, a mind game and wooden figures. ‘Pulaartut’ is a mind game and still today one of the most famous string games in Greenland. One figure …

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Europa 2015 – Vatican

Europa 2015 - Vatican

“Old Toys” is the theme chosen by PostEurop for this year’s Europa 2015 Stamp issues. Toys recall an important time during a child’s growth and development, and are characterized today by a rapid evolution often resulting in trends of a …

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Europa 2015 – Aland

Europa 2015 - Aland

Åland post issued a stamp featuring a spirited, little monkey with a colourful drum, a classic windup toy from the middle of last century, as a part of Europa 2015. The Europa theme for 2015 is old toys showing culture …

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Europa 2015 – Slovakia

Europa 2015 - Slovakia

Slovakian post issued a stamp depicting traditional toy, a stool-horse under EUROPA 2015 theme “Old Toys”. A stool-horse, also called a bežka-horse (runner-horse), used to be a favourite utility wooden folk toy in Slovakia. It is an improved type of …

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Europa 2015 – Malta


EUROPA 2015 Issue entitled: “Old Toys”. A set of two stamps each depicting traditional toys which were popular in Malta in the past. PostEurop, the association of European public postal operators, has set the theme “Old Toys” for the EUROPA …

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