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KOKODA – Australia and Papua New Guinea

Australia–New Guinea joint issue recognizes the shared wartime heritage of the two countries.During the campaign Australian soldiers – displaying courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifi ce – halted the Japanese invasion of Papua and New Guinea on the Kokoda Trail in …

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Kokoda Joint Issue

This joint stamp issue between Australia and Papua New Guinea, a first between the two nations, commemorates the heroic stand by Australian soldiers against an enemy force during WWII.

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Canada-Israel, 60 years of friendship

Canada Post will issue a commemorative stamp to celebrate Canada’s strong bilateral relationship with Israel—a friendship that spans six decades and is marked by shared values, common interests, and strong political, economic, cultural and social ties. The stamp, which marks …

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60 Years of Friendship between Israel and Canada

On November 29, 1947 Canada was one of 33 nations to support United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, the plan to partition Palestine into separate states, one Arab and one Jewish. With Canada’s de jure recognition of Israel on May …

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