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Beautiful Bees of Britain featured on special stamps

Beautiful Bees of Britain

Royal mail issued a special stamps and miniature sheet featuring Beautiful Bees of Britain, to educate and to create awareness about their vital importance. Bees are our unacknowledged partners and ancient allies, vital in the pollination of food crops, keeping …

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Bees of Taiwan

In order to raise understanding about bees and pay more attention to the conservation of ecology, Taiwan Post issued a souvenir sheet which comprises six stamps, each featuring a bee species of Taiwan. Bees play an important role in pollinating …

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Dragonflies – Aland

Aland post issued two insect stamps featuring Dragonflies – Southern Hawker and Ruddy Darter. Dragonflies characteristically have elongated, narrow abdomens, flexible heads with well-developed, compound eyes, two pairs of long, transparent wings that move independently, and powerful mouthparts used for …

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Butterflies – III – Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein post for the third time following 2009 and 2010 issued butterflies native to Liechtenstein feature depicting two more harbingers of spring, the Orange Tip and the Peacock. The “Peacock”, Inachis io (face value CHF 2.20) from the Nymphalidae family …

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Long-horned Beetles

Taiwan post will issue a second set of four stamps, featuring Aeolesthes oenochrous, Doliops similis, Thermistis taiwanensis, and Dorysthenes pici, the long-horned Beetles. 1. Aeolesthes oenochrous (NT$1.00): Commonly known as the Wu-she blood-spotted long-horned beetle in English, the body of …

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Beneficial Insects stamps issued by Canada

Canada Post will issue a set of stamps to celebrate five nature’s tiniest helpers, the beneficial insects found around us. The stamps features the paper wasp (Polistes fuscatus), the assassin bug (Zelus luridus), the large milkweed bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus), the …

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