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Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts postage stamps

Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts postage stamps

Taiwan post issued a set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet of Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts, featuring five national treasures from the collection of National Museum of Prehistory.

The Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts featured on stamps dates from between 2300 and 4000 years ago, unearthed at Taitung County’s Peinan Archaeological Site and Hualien County’s Yanliao Archaeological Site.

The National Museum of Prehistory is located on the east coast of Taiwan. It is a national-level museum that focuses on prehistoric and indigenous cultures. It houses a large collection of artifacts.

Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts

Frog-shaped jade ornament
This is an ornament to wear as a pendant of necklace. Resembling a frog-like animal, the ornament features a pair of large eyes and two limbs carved on its back.

There is a mouth-like indentation on the front part of its head. The jade is of good quality. The large eyes and mouth-like indentation could afford to thread a cord to wear.

Jade tubes
These are ornaments for wearing over the chest. There are five in a set. Each tube in the set is the same size.

At 29 centimeters in length, they are the longest among similar extant jade objects. The tube which was made of Taiwan jade was carved into a cylindrical shape and polished.

Holes were then drilled from both ends to meet in the middle, and each tube was threaded together with others.

Trumpet-shaped jade bangle
An ornament worn on the arm, its cross section is slightly L-shaped. One side of the bangle flares out like the mouth of a trumpet.

The arc of the flare is very smooth and round, and the jade is green and translucent. It is a rare three-dimensional jade object.

Bell-shaped jade beads
Strung with 152 small bell-shaped jade beads, this piece was possibly used as a headdress. The top of each bead is small and flat and has a small hole. The jade is translucent in color.

Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts postage stamps

Zoo-anthropomorphic jade earring
The earring depicts two persons with an animal above their heads. The animal (in profile) has an erect ear, arched back and upturned tail.

The two persons stand together, with round heads, hands on their hips, and legs apart. There are stripes on their knees. Each stands on a horizontal bar. The jade is clear and translucent.

Title: Taiwanese Prehistoric Artifacts
Date of Issue: 21 August 2015
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5, NT$7, NT$9, NT$12, NT$20

Source: Taiwan Post

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