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Thanksgiving – Germany

German post issued a postage stamp for Thanksgiving is a full ear of corn in the light of the end of summer indicating pale sun.

Corn, the basis for our daily bread, is a special food with a high symbolic value. The addition shown in a vertical selection of pumpkin, onion, grapes, apples and pears in memory of rich and colorful harvests, which now take place every season.

The dependence of climate and nature, of force majeure, caused the people in early times to express their thanks. The ancient Greeks celebrated the harvest festival in honor of the mother goddess Demeter, in northern Europe was the equinox celebrated in the autumn and the Israelites celebrated the Feast of Unleavened Bread at the beginning of the grain harvest and the Feast of Tabernacles at the end of the fruit and grape harvest.

In the Christian church is evidence of harvest celebrations are already in the third century. Today, the date of Thanksgiving is usually the first Sunday in October. In decorating the church harvest gifts of corn and sheaves, vegetables, fruits and flowers as a colorful splash of color altar and church facilities. Harvest and harvest wreath crown remain in some places as a visible symbol jewelry and throughout the year.

The thanks for the harvest – that for the basis of survival – is today much stronger than in the past also linked with the idea of a just and humane distribution of goods (the harvest) in the world.

Title: Thanksgiving – Germany
Date of Issue: 7 October 2010
Country: Germany
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Source: www.deutschepost.de

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