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The 150th Anniversary of the Queen’s Birthday

Thailand post will issue a set of four stamps honoring her Majesty Queen Savang Vadhana. Her Majesty Queen Savang Vadhana, born on Wednesday, September 10th, 1862, was a daughter of King Mongkut and Queen Piyamawadee Sripatcharindara Mata.

She was involved in many kinds of activities. In public health, her interest in medicine and the public led her to launch a mobile medical unit. In education, she promoted the development of human resources and granted scholarships to Thai students enabling them to study medicine and nursing abroad. She also gave financial support to schools in the country.

As her activities contributed so much to the country and the people, her name was honoured in the Project for the Celebration of Important Historical Figures and Events of the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orgarnization (UNESCO), organized on July 31st, 2008 by the Ministry of Culture.

Title: The 150th Anniversary of the Queen’s Birthday
Date of Issue: 10 September 2010
Country: Thailand
Denominations: 3 Baht x 4

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