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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Slovakia

Date of Issue: 04. 06. 2008
Denomination: 25 Sk
The XXIX Olympic Games will be held 8 – 24 August 2008 in Beijing, with the slogan ‘One World One Dream’. The Olympic Football Tournament will be played in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Quinhuangdao, while Qingdao and Hong Kong will host the sailing and equestrian competitions, respectively. About 10,500 sportsmen and sportswomen will compete in 302 disciplines (thereof 165 men’s, 127 women’s, and 10 mixed competitions) covering 28 sports. At the 112th IOC Session, which took place in 2001 in Moscow, Beijing was elected the Host City for the Games, beating candidates such as Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and Osaka. Today, the official symbol ‘Dancing Beijing’ invites the world to experience Chinese culture. The modern architecture of sports facilities and the impressive flower decoration of Tiananmen Square – otherwise having very different connotations – should make the impression that the country of over a thousand years’ of traditions is ready to make another leap. This time, it’s a leap into the 21st century.

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