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The bottom of the sea

Faroe Islands post will issue a set of postage stamps showing the natural beauty at the bottom of the sea.

The Faroe Islands have many unique and beautiful submarine landscapes. Absolutely fantastic places where nobody has ever been. And many, many years will pass before even half of this exceptional, uncharted world at the bottom of the sea has been explored.

There are also many hidden and forgotten shipwrecks from previous centuries here that conceal numerous exciting, thought-provoking secrets.

What makes diving in the Faroes so unique is the ever-varying submarine landscape, extensive thickets of seaweed alternating with attractive “sand eyes” (patches of sand on the bottom called sandeyga in Faroese), vertical walls that disappear into the depths and a host of submarine chasms and grottoes in shapes of all kinds that are really exciting to explore. The water is crystal clear in many places and allows the sun’s rays to throw shadows on the sea floor. Plaice, flounder, dab, small halibut and angler fish lie immobile in the sand while they observe the diver gliding soundlessly through the water like a bird floating across the firmament.

The Faroes are truly a diver’s paradise that compares favourably with any other place on earth. Expressing the experience of sailing beneath the bird cliffs in fine weather before diving is no easy matter. The sun, the towering cliffs, the birds, the sea, the fish, the thickets of seaweed, the play of colours and incredible rock formations on the bottom where everything forms a synthesis are quite indescribable.

The four photos reproduced on the postage stamps were taken at Kvívík. Diving at Kvívík is like taking a walk in an enchanted grove, with the difference that you can see beautiful, multicoloured thickets of seaweed and the sandy bottom, or “sand eyes”. You can either swim on the surface or negotiate a tangled thicket of seaweed to reach the sand and it was here, at a depth of about five metres, that the photos for the postage stamps were taken. Many different life forms can be seen such as the big starfish that lives on horse mussels, which are also found here – very well camouflaged.

Title: The bottom of the sea
Date of Issue: 22 February 2010
Country: Faeroe Islands
Denominations: 1KR, 6KR,8KR,12KR

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