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The founding of Bjelovar chatedral

The town of Bjelovar was built for strategic reasons in the middle of the 18th century, i.e. in 1756, in the period of the Military Border; on its founding in two locations there reports its contemporary Baltazar Adam Kr?eli?, the canon and historian from Zagreb, in his famous work Annuae sive historia… 1748-1767. Soon, upon invitation by the Military government, Austrian Piarists, by birth Czechs, the brothers Hubert and Ignacius Diviš, the founders of the Bjelovar schooling system, come to Bjelovar.

The versatile Father Hubert becomes the superior of the convent, school director, school supervisor for elementary schools, chapel master in charge of military music and annalist (precious is the Historia Parochiae et Domus Bellovariensis Anno M.DCC.LXI… in his handwriting, today treasured in rectory). H. Diviš is introduced by canon in the governance of the newly founded parish in 1772, which at that time separated from the parish of St Mary Magdalene – Kapela.

He died in 1790 in his 57th year, after 35 years of service as a monk, whereof 30 years in Bjelovar. He was buried in the crypt of the baroque St. Cross Chapel, in the old St. Andrew Cemetery in Bjelovar. One of the first religious buildings in the newly built town of Maria Theresia was the parish church of St. Theresa. Its building began on 10 April 1765.

A new, single-nave building of a rectangular ground plan, 10x 8 meters in size, with the semicircle sanctuary and the bell tower – divided with pilasters, half-capitals and niches, that soon became a major urban vertical of this border town, was completed in 1771 – which is evidenced by the Chronogram, produced in relief on the back side of the secondary used roman grave stela from the 2nd century with a mythological depiction of the escape of Iphigenia in Tauris, incorporated in the main portal lunette.

Title: The founding of Bjelovar chatedral
Date of Issue: 19 march 2010
Country: Croatia
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