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The House of Stewart

GB post issued a set of postage stamps which takes us from James I to James VI of Scotland, who was James I of England after the Union of the Crowns in March 1603.

Two sets of Kings & Queens stamps will be issued in 2010. The House of Stewart is the third in a series that features the Kings and Queens of England, Scotland and after 1603 the United Kingdom. The first in the series was the Houses of Lancaster and York, and the second was the House of Tudor.

1st class: James I (1406-37), James II (1437-60) & James III (1460-88)
62p* James IV (1488-1513) & James V (1513-42)
81p* Mary (1542-1567) & James VI (1567-1625)

The MS takes a separate look at the life and times of the age, featuring events and individuals from the reigns.

The events featured are:

1st class Founding in 1413 of St Andrews University and in 1505 of the College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.
81p development of the Scottish legal system of justice (the Court of Session), & John Knox, a leading figure in the Reformation in 1559.

The border design features a time line of the period.

Title: The House of Stewart
Date of Issue: 23 March 2010
Country: Great Britain
Denominations: 1st class x 3, 62p x 2, 81p x 2

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