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The Irish Horse

The Irish Horse
An Post issued a series of four stamps to honour the Irish horse. Peter Curling, Ireland’s leading equestrian artist, painted the images on which the stamps were based. They show four common horses in Ireland; the thoroughbred horse, the Connemara pony, the coloured horse and the Irish draught horse.

Thoroughbred horses are mainly bred for racing. Ireland is the world’s third most important producer of such horses. The Connemara pony is Ireland’s only native breed of pony. The exact origins of the breed are lost in history, but this strong and sturdy animal performs exceptionally well in all kinds of competitions. The coloured horse, often known as the piebald or skewbald, is defined by its coat markings and colours. The Irish draught horse was originally bred for farm use, but these days, it is very popular for breeding with thoroughbreds to create Irish Sport horses.

Title: The Irish Horse
Date of Issue: 1 September 2011
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 55c x 4

Source: http://www.irishstamps.ie/

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