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The landscape of the journey

Japan Post Service Co. will issue a set of stamps, the first in a series of landscapes and scenery, and subject to such typical tourist spots in Japan.

(1) Vista Matsushima (Maen defense and Matsu)
(2) Vista Matsushima
(3) Castle Sendai (Sendai upper limbs)
(4) 5 pieces??black lacquer body (black armor can do works belongs to us)
(5) Puru Sendai?Ru
(6) Jozenji copy (as Jouzenji)
(7) Sendai Tanabata Festival
(8) Zuiho-den Hall (electrical discharge pulp)
(9) (1) Rinnoji (patron god of phosphorus)
(10)(2) Rinnoji

Title: The landscape of the journey
Date of Issue: 29 January 2010
Country: Japan
Denominations: 80 yen x 10

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