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The World exhibition EXPO 2010 Shanghai

World exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (China) – one of the largest held so far. During six month (01/05/2010–31/10/2010) 192 countries and 50 pavilions of international organizations, located in more than 5 sq. km area, will be visited by 70 million people. The topic of the exhibition – “Better city, Better Life”.

Lithuanian pavilion will introduce to their visitors views of Lithuanian cities and beautiful nature visible from a stylized hot-air balloon. Exposition will be rich with the information about our country, amber products and Lithuanian drinks will be sold, and presentation of culinary heritage will be displayed.

This is the tenth world exhibition, involving Lithuania: first time Lithuania had their exposition in the EXPO exhibition in Paris (1900), and later officially participated in world exhibitions in Paris (1937), New York (1939), Seville (1992), Taejon (1993), Lisbon (1998), Hannover (2000), Aichi (2005) and Zaragoza (2008). Since 2009 Lithuania is a member of the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE).

Title: The World exhibition EXPO 2010 Shanghai
Date of Issue: 10 April 2010
Country: Lithuania
Denominations: 2,90 Lt

Source: www.post.lt

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