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Titanic 100 years – Aland

Titanic 100 years - Aland
The date 15 April 1912 is highly associated with the ocean-going steamship Titanic that struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton on her way to New York City and sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

The wreck of Titanic is worldwide known and a number of movies has been filmed and novels written about the tragic event when 1517 persons lost their lives. Commemorating that 100 years have passed since this catastrophe, Åland Post presents a stamp in April 2012 on the theme Titanic 100 years.

A total of 2207 persons were on board the Titanic, 231 of whom were of Nordic descent. Many were emigrating to America, seeking their fortune in a new country. Three of the passengers came from Åland. None of the three Ålanders survived when the ship struck an iceberg and sank. One of them was Ivar Berglund from Sund. Born on 24 June 1890, he was 21 years old. Before boarding in Southampton, he sent a postcard to his family. The message was written in some type of coded Swedish, since he had spelled the words backwards.

Title: Titanic 100 years – Aland
Date of Issue: 16 April 2012
Country: Aland
Denominations: €1,80

Source: http://www.posten.ax

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  1. Since I last commented on the Canadian Titanic stamp, Ireland Guernsey, Isle of Man and Aland Post have also joined the club printing Titanic,. Would you agree this tragedy is only hype to print something marketable with the rich were on the ship ?

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