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Tourist Stamps – San Marino

Tourist Stamps - San Marino
San Marino post issued a set of six stamps showing various tourist places of San Marino: the San Francesco Gate, the Church of San Francesco, the Government Building, the First Tower, the Basilica del Santo and the Church of the Capuchin.

At the bottom right the first stamp shows the San Francesco Gate, known also as the Porta del Loco, the ancient access gateway to the City of San Marino. To the left are the Church of San Francesco and the Government Building. At the top left is the First Tower, also called Guaita or Rocca, the oldest of the three towers of Mount Titano. It is encircled by two defensive walls, the innermost one enclosing the Campanaria Tower, the Casermetta, which was historically home to the guards, and the Penna Tower.

At the top in the centre is the Basilica del Santo, also called the Pieve. Built in a neoclassical style, to a project by the Bolognese architect, Antonio Serra, and dedicated to the “Divo Marino” the founder and patron of the Republic, this is the main church of the City of San Marino. It was built on the site where the Pieve (parish church) of San Marino once stood, whose massive Romanesque bell tower still rises at its side. Finally, at the top right, the sixth stamp shows an image of the Church of the Capuchin, also known as the Church of Saint Quirinus of the Capuchin Monastery.

The souvenir sheet is completed by the coat of arms of the Republic, Saint Marino holding his city in his hand (taken from the painting by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri better known as Guercino) with the legend, “Relinquo Vos liberos ab utroque homine”, which may be freely translated as, “I leave you free from both powers: the temporal and the religious” i.e. the Emperor and the Pope.

Title: Tourist Stamps – San Marino
Date of Issue: 5 April 2011
Country: San Marino
Denominations: € 0.65 x 6

Source: www.aasfn.sm

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