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Traditional Algerian Dresses

Traditional Algerian Dresses

Algeria post issued two stamps featuring traditional Algerian Dresses, showcasing the rich Algerian culture and the unique blend of three civilizations.

The stamps features Alger and Kabyle traditional dresses used by people in the capital of Algeria and Kabylie region.

Traditional Algerian Dresses

Traditional outfits Alger
Since the 16th century the components of traditional male costume remained the same, a large folds called pants, a lightweight fabric long sleeve shirt.

Male costume also include a vest bearing the name, cut into tissue velvet or satin that closes from top to bottom, decorated with simple, pure embroidery stopping over pants.

A belt circled all the size, a collarless jacket which does not close and often he wears ornaments on the front and on the sleeves, all covered with a hooded cape.

The other accessories accompanying the male costume are walking shoes made of leather and head covered with a hat in red felt.

The women dresses consists of loose trousers, a discreet neck jacket and a slim cut to size camisole. The enrichment of refined ornaments jacket worked in gold or silver thread was confined mostly wearing the suit in ceremonies and festivals, embellished with accessories; a fringed scarf.

women’s wears the slippers decorated with gold embroidery. A head jewel khit arrouh, the ankle and some necklaces and bracelets to raise the holding.

Traditional outfits Kabylie
Kabyle women had gradually abandoned the woven garment to adopt the dress manufactured from fabrics.

Originally the dresses were woven and sewn on the sides and under the veil she wore at fibula, this dress is fitted with long sleeves and yoke at chest level.

The dresses were cut from printed cottons or silks for parties, soberly decorated with ribbons of colors on the edges and the chest for the first model and richly embroidered in the second.

Other accessories are yellow scarf that covers the head of the woman, footwear, Enamelled silver jewelry on the chest, pair of earrings, necklace and ankle for the feet.

Man clothing include a rural holding ancestral clothing pieces; pants, blouse in lightweight fabric with long sleeves which puts under a tunic and covered with a cape.

Accessories accompany this outfit are a cover for head in white felt and leather shoes.

Title: Traditional Algerian Dresses
Date of Issue: 15 July 2015
Country: Algeria
Denominations: 25.00, 30.00 DA

Source: Algeria post

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