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Tramway in Dubrovnik

Croatian post issued a postage stamp and a miniature sheet dedicated to the Tramway in Dubrovnik.

Tramway in Dubrovnik At the time when tram service in Dubrovnik was being established, Dubrovnik – then within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – counted about 12 000 inhabitants. After the fall of the Republic and arrival of Napoleon troops in town, Dubrovnik began to stagnate in all economic fields; however, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – by building a new narrow gauge railway Brod – Bosanski Brod – Doboj – Sarajevo – Dubrovnik – Zelenika, gave a new impulse to the economic development of this part of Dalmatia.

Right the building of this railway speeded up the realisation of the idea of establishing a traffic connection between Gruž and Pile which two parts of the town before introducing the tram line, were left to unreliable transport by carriages, later superseded by horse-drawn omnibuses. At the time of introducing tram in Dubrovnik, Gruž was at the outskirts of town, but on the other hand it was a harbour and as such the starting point of all travels.

Equally so, in those days Gruž was also a kind of industrial zone of Dubrovnik but also an area of its potential growth. Everything taken into consideration, it was understandable, logical and economically sustainable to connect these two parts of the town.

Title: Tramway in Dubrovnik
Date of Issue: 22 November 2010
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 15 kn

Source: www.posta.hr

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