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Travel Landscape Series 09

Japan post issued a set of ten stamps ninth in the series of Travel Landscape of Japan.

The stamps features following ten landscapes.
(1) White bridge take the sky
(2) White bridge take the sky
(3) J?doji (same Youdoji)
(4) J?doji
(5) Takiyama White (Kettle et al hundred coral Shirataki)
(6) Temple improved three-story pagoda (Youjisanjuunotou koji)
(7) Oyama Zhi Shrine (Dzumijinja you dear)
(8) Oomishima Bridge (Oh, and if found Shima)
(9) Imabari Castle (now Bariji Translations Play Audio)
(10) Imabari Castle

Title: Travel Landscape Series 09
Date of Issue: 8 July 2010
Country: Japan
Denominations: 80 yen x 10

Source: www.post.japanpost.jp

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  1. Hello, on label is shown the west conection between islands Honshu and Shikoku. There is seven great bridges. On stamps are Kurushima Kaikyo bridges and Ohmishima bridge.
    There are three conection between island with a lot of great bridges.
    Best regards primoz

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