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Travelers Enrique Stanko Vráž (1860 – 1932)

Enrique Stanko Vráž was a Czech explorer and photographer. Its origin is shrouded in a light veil of secrecy. His mother was a Czech, but the father should be a diplomat or a Russian officer. There is speculation also that his name was just a pseudonym for him to actually hiding some nobleman. It is certain that the killers very fond of traveling. From his travels, which took place all over the world, brought a large collection of insects, birds, mammals, and much more. Part of the collection bought by the British governor, but most Vráž donated to the National Museum in Prague.

A piece of my life spent in the U.S., where he participated in the preparation of future election campaign of President Wilson in the 20th century and moved his family back to Prague.Has serious health problems which make losing one’s hand. Prague is not accepted into the National Museum Náprstkova or so of live lectures and literary rates. Increasingly suffer from deep depression, died 20th února 1932. Mark is displayed on the murderers, and for him the Japanese countryside in the background of snow-capped mountains.

Title: Travelers Enrique Stanko Vráž (1860 – 1932)
Date of Issue: 14 April 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: 24 CZK

Source: www.cpost.cz

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