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USPS World’s Largest Post Office

USPS World’s Largest Post Office now at your fingertip

With the AIM to reduce stress and provide better service to the customers USPS World’s Largest Post Office now goes mobile.

The mobile version of USPS provides all the postal services at your fingertip and Virtually anything you would do at a Post Office you can now do online at USPS.com.

You may know that on an average day, nearly 3 million customers visit the nation’s brick and mortar Post Offices while more than 2 million customers visit a website.

To lighten the load on the mortar Post Offices and to provide easy access to postal services USPS came up with a handy solution.

USPS World’s Largest Post Office on your Smartphone

At the world’s largest Post Office, customers can purchase stamps, calculate postage, mail packages and conduct virtually any service offered at brick-and-mortar Post Offices.

USPS Mobile App
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Customers can do all of this — all from the comfort of their homes or on the go — by going to usps.com or downloading the USPS Mobile app on iOS or Android devices to put these services right at their fingertips.

Links to Download:
USPS Mobile App for iOS
USPS Mobile App for Android

Services offered at World’s Largest Post Office

USPS Stamps Mobile App
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  • Calculate Postage — The postage price calculator provides estimates for mailing packages, domestically or internationally.
  • Ship Packages — Use Click-N-Ship as a stress-free tool to pay postage and print shipping labels for holiday gifts from a mobile device or desktop computer. Customers can register on the Click-N-Ship sign-in page to start creating shipping labels and pay for postage online.
USPS Free Next Day Pickup
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  • Schedule a Free Package Pickup — Schedule a free pickup and carriers will pick up packages during regular mail delivery. Letter carriers pick up shipments for a customer using an expedited service such as Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service, International or a Return Service. With USPS account you can request Multiple pickups.
  • Ship Internationally — Make international shipping easier when printing a shipping label from home. Use the built-in address form to transfer information into country-specific customs forms.
  • Track Packages — Easily receive incoming package updates with real-time delivery notifications within a few minutes of the delivery scan for select packages. Customers can request package email notifications and alerts and schedule a redelivery.
  • Hold Mail — Going away for the holidays? Take advantage of the request Hold Mail Service. All mail is kept safely at the local Post Office until the recipient returns.
  • Forward Mail — For a fee, USPS can hold mail, pack and ship weekly by Priority Mail using Premium Forwarding Service.

U. S. Postal Service – Informed Delivery

“See what’s coming soon to your mailbox before it’s actually delivered and manage your packages, too. Conveniently posted on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.”

The Postal Service offers a new feature this year to help manage incoming mail and package deliveries.

Informed Delivery is an innovative feature that allows customers to digitally preview their letter-sized mail before they are delivered to your mailbox.

It also tracks and reschedules package deliveries to ensure someone is able to be home to receive them.

“Informed Delivery is the perfect solution for mailing greeting cards during holiday season ahead of time,” said Product Innovation Vice President Gary Reblin.

USPS Informed Delivery
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Email notifications and the Informed Delivery dashboard and mobile app include images of letter-size mail and colour images from participating mailers.

Package tracking information on Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail and other parcels are available through the Informed Delivery dashboard.

The service is available on the mobile app too — and are planning to add to email notifications this month.

Nearly 7 million people are happily enrolled for Informed Delivery.

95 percent of the enrolled users indicate they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the free feature.

Visit informeddelivery.usps.com for additional information and limitations.

Note: United States Postal Service®, First-Class Mail® Forever are trademarks of the United States Postal Service. All the images reproduced here are copyright of USPS and used here in original form for information and reference.



    congrats for this new service for the users.
    Esposito since Brazil – Minas Gerais – Ubá

  2. This may be a great service with useful advantages.
    The drawback is that the delivery service has
    slowed beyond snail mail. It takes 4 days in Wisconsin for a letter to be delivery next door, because of all mail being shipped to Milwaukee for sorting. Additionally the computer processing does
    not allow for human error in letter addressing whereas the human processor would catch the error and the letter would be delivered. I’ve had multiple letters returned because the computer could not read added unit or name of the address. Please return to local processing point with human supervision.

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