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Voluntary Civil Protection Work III

Liechtenstein post will issue the third series of Voluntary Civil Protection Work focusing simultaneously on two institutions which serve the population: ‘Mountain Rescue’ and “Water Rescue”.

Liechtenstein Mountain Rescue, founded by the Liechtenstein Alpine Association (LAA/LAV) in 1954 in the aftermath of the catastrophic avalanches at Blons (Vorarlberg) today unites some 30 male and female mountain rescuers in an independent association which is responsible for safety and rescue in the Liechtenstein Alps. Among the situations in which the Mountain Rescue team is deployed are missing-person searches in difficult mountain terrain and rescue after climbing accidents. The Mountain Rescue team is accountable to the Office of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and has strong links with Swiss Alpine Rescue. It is likewise in partnership with REGA (Swiss Air Rescue).

Title: Voluntary Civil Protection Work III
Date of Issue: 1 March 2010
Country: Liechtenstein
Denominations: CHF 0.85, CHF 1.30

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